“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”
—Albert Einstein

Looking for a powerful speaker to address a specific theme? Interested in creating a truly unique and powerful sales meeting? Want to provide an imaginative, interactive, ongoing program? See what Kristen Ulmer can offer you and your company.

“Don’t wait until you need it”

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Ever hear the statement “knowledge is power?” With the internet, that is no longer true: knowledge is now just a click away.

In today’s world: Consciousness is power. Going on that journey, becoming aware of how your unconscious mind runs the show, and getting unstuck from habitual patterns that no longer serve you- that’s power.

In business, consciousness events are essential to keep a company from being stuck. Working with Kristen will keep you in flow and freedom, rather than resistance.  Work with Kristen if you want to:

-Explore the role of each person as individual, and as team player, and how these opposite roles affect your life and the life of your company
-Explore situations from your coworkers perspective. Have your coworker experience your perspective in return
-Experience easeful and effective feedback sessions
…and so much more…

Trouble shooting? Sure… or: don’t wait until you need it. Keep your company clear, conscious, free-flowing… and rich with wisdom.


Kristen offers a profound journey into and through business consciousness. Events can be created to achieve any goal you or your company may have; explorations in change, power dynamics, fear, competition, camaraderie, desire, or the bigger picture and beyond- anything is possible. Each seminar is a deeply moving event that will not only transform your corporate culture but also your own personal lives.

Work with Kristen Ulmer alone or with Kristen and her highly accredited facilitation partners. An event can be indoors in a board room (more typical), or hosted outdoors while hiking, skiing, playing golf, rock climbing, cycling, or in the context of any other sport or activity you desire (less typical). Kristen custom designs the experience to meet your specific requests and needs. Should you desire, she also provides ongoing coaching and organizational interventions afterward.

Kristen Ulmer is also a professional speaker best known for tying ancient and movement wisdom to sports, adventure or business life. Available for keynote or other presentations at your meeting or event. Fun, irreverent, and shocking, Kristen will show you sides to yourself you didn’t even know existed.