Professional Athletics

Great athletes say sports are 90% mental. So why do trainers only focus on physical or technical tips? Mindset is considered the most important aspect to athletic and human brilliance, yet it’s the least graspable and least easy to transmit and has mostly been left alone. ‘Til now.

Kristen offers fast, highly effective athletic mindset training to professional athletes in any sport and considers this her specialty.

Talent, drive and physical / technical training can take an athlete far. What she can offer is the final, most important journey, into what else

-Take your ability to the next level, no matter where you are in the sport.
-Find the 5% that’s missing, that you didn’t even know is missing.
-Trouble shoot problems quickly and effectively.
-Uncover different forms of consciousness besides the usual and see what they have to offer.
-Blow your imagination wide open to new possibilities.

“I went to a golf tourney in Arizona a month after our session with you and won the event with several very low golf scores.  You can take all the credit.” -Fred

“After 20 years (race car driving) I won my first event of my life after two days with Kristen. I was blown away.” -Jeff

“Working with Kristen really helped me go into the Olympics with a positive attitude. She helped me forget anything that was bringing me down, and to leave it behind me when I got to the hill. ” -Julia Mancuso (won two Silver medals after working with Kristen).

“The work helped me see things from several new and unique perspectives. I really appreciate the time we spent together.” -Julia

When I’m playing poker it’s an absolute edge over my opponents. It’s kind-of hard to explain, but the mind-shifting lets me completely remove myself from my emotions, and analyze everything critically. By insulating myself from gut reactions and instincts, I’ve become an incredibly astute player and I started winning A LOT more. Right now I’m trying to qualify for the main event of the Asian Poker Tour, an aspiration that would have been completely unrealistic 4 months ago. This is the first time that I feel genuinely excited and eager about what the future has in store for me. And I have you to thank for that.” -Xavier