Telephone Sessions

“It’s the only applicable therapy I’ve ever done.” -Elaine

“Kristen, I am amazed and I never use the word. THANK YOU. This rocks Kristen, you have hit it.” -Jacquetta

Thinking about engaging in a spiritual, emotional and psychological practice so you can be on top of your game? Looking for a help?

Perhaps working with Kristen might be your path.

Kristen conducts one-on-one, in person or over-the-phone sessions which help you achieve your goals with remarkably quick and lasting results. If this is something you find intriguing, please send her an email to or by allying 801-733-5003.

Kristen can help you immediately and effectively pin point where you may be stuck in unconscious patterns that no longer serve you. Working with her is a much faster alternative to therapy or meditation.

To contact Kristen please click here.