Change Your Language Guide

The #1 most important thing you can do to turn a fear and anxiety problem around is to stop talking about fear in a derogatory way. This language guide is a clear, practical list of things that you may be used to saying, and what to say instead, to turn fear from a hindrance into an asset. You’ll be amazed at the difference your words can make.

Hands down, THE first and single most important shift you can make toward having a better relationship with fear, is learning how to talk about this emotion in a healthy and inclusive way.

Changing your language will:

• dramatically shift your perspective about fear– right away
• set you on course toward ending the war with fear
• lead you out of your habitual stuck place of constant anxiety or suffering, and into peace
• help you be more confident, motivated, courageous and able to act on your great ideas

“Change your story about fear, and everything changes.”- Kristen Ulmer

What to Expect:

Download the 13-page PDF and use this detailed step by step guide to learn exactly what to say about fear in today’s modern world. Instead of constantly resorting to old, tired standards such as: conquer it, overcome it, let it go, it’s a hold back, it’s false etc. these habitual words prevent you from realigning with fear at a higher level- this revolutionary guide will get you out of that dead end repressive loop.

You will learn exactly what to say about your own fear- to yourself and to other people- so it can transform from an embarrassing hindrance into a proud asset. You will learn how to talk to other people who struggle with fear, in the proper way. You will learn how to talk to your children about fear, so that you can raise them to be courageous, alive and thriving adults. And more…

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