Change Your Language Guide

Change Your Life By Changing Your Words

Change Your Language Guide

Change Your Life By Changing Your Words

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This is the #1 most important step, to turn any fear or anxiety problem around

When Kristen works with any new client, right away she’s on the lookout for how they speak about Fear. The reason is; however they refer to this core emotion, speaks volumes about how they speak to themselves. It also reveals the core of their issue.

For example, if they say things like ‘I hate fear,’ because fear is such a huge part of our makeup, it’s akin to saying ‘I hate myself.’  If they say ‘I ignore fear,’ it’s akin to saying ‘I ignore what’s going on in my life.’ Not only that, such language leads to emotional issue.

It works like this: imagine you have a lifelong roommate (Fear) and you talk about him, say, in a controlling, dismissive or derogatory way. You say things like; ‘he’s not even real. He holds me back. He needs to be gotten rid of.’ Can you see that under these circumstances, your roommate has no recourse but to fight back in an equally aggressive way?

Keep it up, and over time you and Fear only stay engaged in a mutually escalating war.

This happens because of how to view and subsequently talk about Fear. And until you stop such language, Fear will continue to retaliate in either obvious or covert ways, and your emotional issue only gets worse.

Why This Works

Changing your language modernizes your perspective. It's the crucial first step, leading to progressive emotional change.

Forever you’ve been taught to speak about Fear as something to be overcome, let go of, controlled or rationalized away. This language creates the very environment that causes your emotional problems in the first place. No one likes to be controlled or conquered, least of all an emotion as strong as Fear.

It’s not just semantics either. Words matter.

How so? Ask yourself; what’s the first thing you’d do, to end a war with your roommate?

You’d start talking to and about him in a kinder way, that’s what. Which would soften things immediately.

The roommate (Fear) in turn, becomes kinder back. He calms right down, and thus so, do you.

Keep it up, your emotional issues resolve.

Now, you may be thinking, “Hell no! Fear started it. He should talk nicer to me!” But you don’t want to stay in that outdated, exhausting mindset. Fighting a war with Fear hasn’t worked for you, or for anyone. Resisting your biology, does not gain you the results you desire.

What does, is the new Fear paradigm found in this guide, which better matches today’s evolving world and what we now understand.

But that shift won’t happen on its own. It comes if and only if you learn how to start speaking about Fear in an inclusive way.

Who Is This Guide For?

Do you:

  • struggle with fear, anxiety, or other emotional issues

  • struggle with confidence

  • have a loved one who struggles with any of the above

  • speak about fear as if it’s a bad thing

  • are convinced fear is a bad thing

  • feel embarrassed about your fear or other emotions, like anger or sadness

  • suspect you repress or ignore fear, and know you shouldn’t do that

  • suspect that a more honest, considerate relationship with fear might be helpful

  • have kids, and want to make sure they grow up to be emotionally healthy adults

  • are tired of doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results

  • hate fighting a war with yourself, and want it to finally end

  • want to live either a bigger, more honest, or more relaxed life

  • are tired of being stuck on old patterns, and feel ready to make a change

If any of these apply, be very excited by this language guide and what it offers.

" The best thing you can do to feel better, is to change your language about Fear. Do this, and not only does your Fear calm right down, but everything you want then follows. "

- Kristen Ulmer

Here's What You Learn

This is an actual dictionary, with specific and words and sentences you use, to replace how you normally speak about Fear. It’s extremely thorough, and covers hundreds of scenarios. Without this dictionary, because of existing cultural and learned norms, you blindly come back to dismissive language again and again. This leads to emotional issues such as irrational Fear, PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. With this guide, such problems are instead, finally on target to become a thing of the past.

By studying this guide, you learn:

  • If you have a fear or anxiety problem, exactly what caused it

  • Why such problems are rampant in our society, based on old, outdated views about Fear

  • How to end your war with Fear, forever

  • How to stop negative self-talk without engaging in spiritual bypassing

  • How to speak about your fear or anxiety so you no longer feel embarrassed about it, or compelled to hide it

  • How to talk to others who struggle with fear or anxiety, in the proper way

  • What to say to someone who’s blaming their emotions on you

  • What to say to someone who’s shaming you for feeling fear

  • How to be vulnerable in a non-threatening way

  • How to be honest and authentic regarding how you feel, to yourself and others

  • How to live your life, emotionally alive

  • What to say to your kids about fear, so they don’t grow up to have anxiety or other issues

  • What to say to your kids, so they grow up instead to be courageous, thriving adults

And much more…

A deep wisdom lies within you, that’s jumping up and down trying to get your attention.

Kristen helps you access it.

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Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients make powerful perspective shifts around fear and anxiety

Now it’s your turn

If you only take one single action step regarding your fear or anxiety, changing your language should be it. It’s crucial to make this shift, as it leads to the resolution of irrational fear, lowers your anxiety, starts the process to turn around PTSD and/or depression. and so much more. This is why in every course, event or talk, Kristen emphasizes changing your language first, and foremost.

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen or imagined before, with this guide you are living the cutting edge of desperately needed progress, not just for yourself, but for the world. This guide dramatically changes your perspective and life forever, but also makes you an early influencer that the world so desperately needs.  By stopping the madness of negative self talk about fear, you and others in your life quite simply never experience fear, anxiety or the nature of the human experience the same way again. 

Here’s how to start the process:

STEP 1 : Click the BUY NOW button, then checkout using our secure checkout page

STEP 2 : You immediately are sent a download link to view the guide

STEP 3 : Whenever ready, you can always find the list in the download section of My Account

STEP 4 :  Start reading, experience numerous, profound perspective shifts, and start speaking your new inclusive language right away

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why just $15?

If you’re thinking “$15 is nothing… what’s the catch?” Here are two reasons that should put your mind at ease:

-$15 puts this information within reach of everyone, from single moms to entrepreneurs and beyond.

-It makes sure you’re serious. Kristen only wants to reach people who are truly ready to address and resolve their emotional problems. And in her experience charging anything, even if it’s just a dollar, eliminates 99% of the folks who aren’t.

She also believe that once you experience the profound effects that come from merely changing your language, that you might come back with an even greater curiosity to see what else is possible, with this unique and powerful work.

And that’s it. No fine print, no weird twists. Just a super practical language advice that gains you a completely different perspective, and forever alters how you experience fear and anxiety.

Why should I buy this guide, versus keep doing what I've been doing?

If what you’ve been doing regarding fear and anxiety has helped, likely you want to keep it up, right?

But if you’ve only gotten limited results, or you find what you’ve been doing stops working the moment you stop practicing it –your fear or anxiety comes flooding right back– then it’s time to try this guide.

This guide is one of the first major steps you can take toward getting away from the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and not getting different results. Here’s your first step to try something entirely new. A new that could maybe (wink) just maybe, offer you better results that are more permanent and life altering, than what you’ve been doing.

Is Kristen a doctor or therapist?

No. Kristen’s training started with real world experience; being the best in the world at a difficult sport for 12 years, exploring exactly what works and what doesn’t regarding fear and other emotions, in a heightened environment.

Then, she voraciously studied not psychology, but Zen for over 15 years. This is what helped her most of all, establish and solidify her current methods and practices.

Her third credential came from working with over ten thousand clients now, over the last two decades, helping them gain remarkable and proven results.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! All of Kristen’s content and training’s have a 5-week, no-questions-asked guarantee.

If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried, let us put your mind at ease. Either this is a game changer that sets you on course for real change, or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

Tell me about the money back guarantee?

5-week money back guarantee. If you experience the guide and you don’t think it holds merit for you and your journey toward emotional health, send us an email and you get a full refund.

Does what Kristen teaches, really work?

YES! Check out her testimonials. Plus, once you start to implement her message, it’s so shockingly obvious what the problem has been for you and what to do instead, you may be surprised you never thought to do this before!