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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding working with Kristen Ulmer.

For any event that involves interacting with Kristen live, the cancellation policy is full refund two months prior to the start of your event.

After than there is no refund, but you can transfer your seat to another person. Note, if someone does attend in your place, the money back guarantee no longer applies. (The reason why is listed under: I want to sign up a friend or family member.)

If you struggle with any of the following problems, you are a candidate for this work:

-excessive fear
-excessive stress or anxiety
-excessive anger
-excessive need for control
-excessive sadness, or depression
-being in your head too much
-excessive arguing with loved ones
-low self esteem
-feeling numb
-panic attacks
-burn out

What’s similar with all these problems, is the underlying, basic cause. There is a battle with fear being carried out in your unconscious mind that needs to be addressed.

That being said, your problem shows up for you in your own unique way.

Which is why Kristen’s events are never cookie cutter. She doesn’t offer advice, or pre-planned lectures. She will instead facilitate you into your own personal and fascinating realizations, asking a series of on-point questions, remaining curious about your unique answers, until your truth becomes more and more revealed.

In this, you will feel like the event was meant for you, and you alone.

No, you will not have to reveal anything about your life or personal struggles. This is not therapy. It’s not about unpacking your history or story. Nor is it about becoming emotional in front of others.

However, if you desire to tell some portion of your story– especially if you think it might help you clarify things or be of assistance to others– it will be welcomed.

Because there is no therapy, mulling over your past, or telling your story, we can get right down to the issue as it exists today– which is your current strained relationship with fear.

No. This is not about exposing yourself to fearful situations, which is unnecessary and traumatic.

Instead it’s an extremely fun, deeply personal, internal adventure, offering you ah-ha insights, combined with a lot of laughter.

Kristen has spent the last 15 years developing a very powerful facilitation tool called Shift, The Game of 10,000 Wisdoms. Shift is a dialog between Kristen and the audience, where she asks questions, and you provide answers. When working with her, 90% of the time you will be playing this fascinating game.

She will also weave in relevant quotes and analogies, and tell captivating stories. Many of these stories have been passed down for thousands of years. Others come from modern life. They are intended to help steer some of your ah-ha moments to the next level.

We make a promise that one of two things will occur:

There is a 95% chance you will:
-Get out of the dead-end loop of only managing your fear and anxiety symptoms
-Clearly witness the cause of your fear and anxiety related problems, once and for all
-Discover the easy way, versus the hard way to freedom
-Be led into, through, and out the other side of your problem in an easeful manner
-Which will ignite REAL and obvious shifts in the moment
-You will never feel so free and in flow with your life by the end of this experience
-After your experience is over too, nothing will ever be the same again. You will not go back to your old ways
-If you do start to slip in that direction, you’ll see it right away, and know what to do to turn it around. It doesn’t take much
-Then over time, what you learned will take root even deeper
-You will still experience fear and anxiety, or sadness etc., but it will show up not as a problem anymore but instead at normal levels
-You will also experience a sense of aliveness, freedom and flow you’ve never felt before, when feeling your emotions
-These results will last and affect your entire life. Many people write Kristen years or even decades after the experience saying they think about what they learned every day

Or, there’s a 5% chance you will:
-Clearly witness the cause of your fear and anxiety related problem, once and for all
-Recognize what your payoff is, for keeping the problem around
-Recognize other hold backs that also prevent you from being willing to solve your problem
-Make a conscious decision to continue keeping your problem around
-But know exactly what you’d need to do, should you ever decide you’ve had enough and it’s finally time to change
-This is a huge realization, and considered a major win as well

Kristen can help you so long as you’re willing to play the game of Shift.

Yes, partial (half off) scholarships are available for those in need. If you want to be considered for one of these, please submit via email a one paragraph explanation of why you need financial help, for review.

It might. If your therapist has been teaching you ways to overcome, let go of, or rationalize your fear and anxiety away, that advice keeps your war with fear and anxiety going. This alas, exacerbates your problem. If, however, your therapist is open to supporting a more inclusive approach to fear and anxiety, continuing to work with this person will be encouraged.

Kristen has never seen that occur in her 15 years as a facilitator, so it is unlikely

This is unlike anything you’ve ever tried. It’s the exact opposite of any resource available to you, so we suspect you’re going to be thrilled.

This work is an absolute game changer in the industry. We are sure you’ve never had an experience like this before. Here is our assessment of the pros and cons of other methods (besides medication, which is up to you to assess on your own):


Pros: It’s very purging to be able to talk freely about your life, and often leaves you feeling clear headed on the day of your session.

Cons: When it comes to emotional problems, talking and thinking about your past or present life, and trying to grasp something so ungraspable as emotions is the wrong path. This loop can become very time consuming and expensive, and will ultimately prove to be a dead end.

Meditation, breathing exercises, positive thinking, exercise, EFT, etc.

Pro: they make you feel much better in the moment.

Cons: they take lot of constant commitment, and offer a short-term cessation of symptoms which alas, prevents you from ever dealing with the underlying cause. They also exacerbate the problem over time: for whatever you try to control, comes back later with a vengeance and eventually winds up controlling you.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Pros: It works quite well to reduce your symptoms, in just a few sessions.

Cons; It seeks to solve an emotional problem, intellectually. Much more natural and sustainable is solving your emotional problem emotionally. And physically– as the body is where fear is felt (not in the mind). Getting your mind re-programmed like a computer, also glosses over a huge part of what makes you human, and pushes down other important emotions- like joy.

Working with Kristen

Pros: It’s the best thing we’ve seen to finally, easily and permanently resolve your fear and anxiety related problems, because they are addressed in a simple way at their root cause. This work gives you the secondary gift of helping you access flow with your emotions and your life in general. Basically, you will solve your problem when working with Kristen (or your money back), and you’ll be on the right trajectory where your dreams can now become possible.

Cons: You’ll be upset it took you so long to find this work.

It’s slightly different for everyone, but what is similar if you struggle with fear and anxiety problems– is that you’re in some sort of battle with fear that is being carried out in your unconscious mind, that is now covertly running your life. Kristen will facilitate you in an experience to reveal exactly what kind of war you’re dealing with, and help you end it– thus ending your problem. From there, you will start to live in freedom and peace you never imaged possible.

That is entirely up to you, and something to be discussed with your doctor– especially if you’re in crisis. But if you’re not in crisis, we do recommend trying this work first, as you may decide to not take meds after working with Kristen.

Kristen would never suggest you get off your medication. That is something for you and your doctor to discuss.

We do not want to keep your money if you don’t get results!

For all pre-recorded courses or live events, if the experience doesn’t offer you a real solution that lasts, write to give us feedback within 30 days for a full refund. After 30 days, there is no longer a refund.

For private work, you and Kristen will conclude at the end of the second hour if this experience is going to help you or not (note it 100% depends on your willingness to play the game). Refund will then be based on time leftover, prorated.

Kristen will not work with anyone who is not, on some level, financially invested in this process themselves.

This means, if you are paying for someone to work with her, they must cover some of the tuition, even if it’s just $5 or a trade with you of some sort. If they say no, that’s a sign they are not ready to address their problem, and you should not waste your money.

This is not something Kristen can enforce however, so it is up to you to enforce it on your own.

Because children so often just do what their parents say, Kristen typically won’t work with children under the age of 18.

However, if you feel your child of at least 10 years or older is truly open to receiving help and chooses this practice for themselves, write Kristen and submit a one paragraph request explaining why you think this is the case, for review.

In special circumstances, she will make an exception.