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This lower score suggests you have an unusually healthy relationship with fear/anxiety. Not many folks do, so congratulations! As a result, you’re feeling normal levels of fear/anxiety in your life, in proportion to the choices you’ve made. The only question is then, do you want to make your relationship with fear even more progressive, by tapping into the resource that is this powerful emotion? You’d do this as a way to go to your next level of accomplishment.

Your Assessment

You have a healthy relationship with Fear. You enjoy excitement, life in general and seek out risk. You know by taking risks, you’ll expand who you are and continue to grow and learn new things throughout your life. Every day then, becomes an opportunity to learn something new. You enjoy challenge. You see conflict as a chance to grow, and failure as a chance to learn new fascinating things about yourself and how life works. The arguments you have with your loved ones often lead to greater intimacy at the end of every conflict cycle. You may be happy one day and sad the next, and that’s fine. Your health is good, nothing to complain about. If you do have an injury, disease or other physical hold back, you’ve likely done emotional work around the ailment to make sure that the repression of emotions won’t exacerbate it. Sometimes you don’t sleep well but you know things change fast, so it’s likely temporary, and not a big deal.


Tips + Steps You Can Take Now

  • The key for you, is to continue taking risks whenever you’re ready to grow to the next level of your potential.

  • Ask yourself then, every day; am I in the mood for fear? The days you answer yes, go out and do something that scares you.

  • Now, that doesn’t mean climbing the Eiffel Tower using a couple of suction cups! It could just mean having a difficult conversation that you’ve been putting off. Skiing a little faster this run. Wearing clothing that’s not ‘you’ to see how it feels.

  • The other thing is, you may be drawn to perhaps a gratitude, love, forgiveness or mindfulness practice. All good stuff. This is called building the castle. Be sure though, not to forget about the foundation, which should be a constant maintenance priority.

  • Maintaining a strong foundation comes from ongoing shadow work. Which is the exploration of; what dark shadow am I casting that everyone can see, that I can’t see, that if owned would set us free?

  • If you avoid shadow work in favor of only building the castle, when bad things happen that castle can collapse. So please, continue to be aware of, and work on your shadow.

  • Shadow work centers around fear. Beneath anger is fear. Beneath jealousy is fear. Same with blame, unworthiness, powerlessness, self-criticism, frustration, and more. Within these states, always you’ll find fear. Which is why I recommend starting a Fear Practice, as it’ll cover it all.

  • Fear Practice though, is different than what you’re imagining. It’s not about overriding, fighting or getting rid of that fear, because that’s not possible. That action put you in a battle with this core emotion and ultimately creates the shadow around it.

  • Instead, Fear Practice starts by asking yourself; what’s my current relationship with emotional discomfort? And; How can I be in flow with this natural emotion called fear, so I can be in flow with my life?

  • This allows you to stay aware of your fear, which is beneath your relative reality at all times, always affecting your life. This awareness will negate its shadow, and instead help you tap into its percolating energy, wisdom and aliveness.

  • Find a way then, to cultivate an ongoing, honest, considerate relationship with fear, so you can have the same with yourself.

  • This translates into greater strength, laser focus, integrity, better relationships, better sleep, greater productivity, more confidence, clarity to make great decisions, authenticity and more. You’ll also remain willing to take risks, which leads to growth and learning.

  • Fear practice is the foundation on which you can build a strong castle that’ll never collapse.

Today’s the day you get grounded, and stop leaving any future potential behind.  These 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts will bring you up to speed on the latest insights on fear/anxiety, and what to do about your shadow that’s refreshing, profound and life altering.


Build a more intimate relationship with yourself and the nature of life itself.  Set in motion living a more honest and powerful future. Make sure your castle is grounded and strong, ready to weather any storm. Get started, today.

How To Accomplish This

To help you make this crucial transition, I created this manual; Step-by-Step, Do’s & Don’ts of Anxiety.

It includes; the 5 things NOT to do about fear/anxiety, and why. And the 5 things TO do about fear/anxiety, and how.

First, it’ll break down in clear terms, any bad habit that you’re in, that could lead to fear/anxiety issues. Then, it’ll teach you a new, few-minutes-a-day Fear Practice, that’ll result in extraordinary emotional changes in your life.

The info in this manual is based on her 33+ years of real-world experience exploring exactly what works, and what doesn’t. It challenges existing norms regarding how to deal with fear/anxiety, addressing cultural habits that aren’t working. Then, it offers exact steps on what to do instead, if you want to experience emotional flow.

And, it works. In the words of but one client:

“This ain’t no band-aid, this is the real deal.” -Melanie Tanks.


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