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Your overall score is 0 out of 100.

This mid to low score suggests that while you have a better relationship with fear than 90% of your fellow humans (hurrah!), you still have a few stuck places that hold you back.

Your Assessment

You have some fear that feels a bit irrational, or you feel low-grade anxiety. But, it’s not too bad. You’re somewhat cautious and pick your moments to take risks. You feel enjoyment with life but know there could be more, although: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it -right? You may question whether you’re achieving your potential, and the curiosity of ‘should I be doing more?’ may nag in the back of your head. Your personal relationships are ok, could be better, but you may not make much effort to improve them. Your health is pretty good, but you know you could be healthier. If you have an injury that won’t heal, or a disease, you know there’s an emotional component to it that’s exacerbating the problem. Things though, are ok in your life, even though there’s still a sense of “is this all there is?” or “is this really the best I can do?” You sleep ok, but would like to sleep better, if possible.

Tips + Steps You Can Take Now

  • Seems how you found yourself curious enough about fear/anxiety to take this quiz, you might want to consider starting a Fear Practice.

  • Here’s why: there are lots of practices out there; gratitude, forgiveness, mindfulness practice and more. All great for ‘building your castle.’ With a Fear Practice, fear being at the core of your human experience, you’ll also have a chance to build a strong, certain foundation as well. Which will support these noble efforts– making sure they don’t collapse like castles tend to do, on days that are challenging.

  • This is best done though, not when your castle is crumbling, but when you’re doing ok.

  • The reason being: Imagine reading a book on relationships when your marriage is strong. Or working with a consultant when business is already good. Can you see, doing this while not in crisis, your actions aren’t about recovery, but about taking your potential to much higher levels

  • It’s the same with fear/anxiety. Starting a practice to recover from emotional upheaval is one experience. But having a practice when things are ok, prevents the upheaval from even happening.

  • To start a Fear Practice, first realize it’s the most important practice you’ll ever have. Why? Because fear is at the core of your entire human experience. It’s with you every moment of every day. And, to be in denial of that, limits your potential.

  • The reason being: beneath all dark experience, you’ll find fear. Beneath anger is fear. Beneath jealousy is fear. Same with blame, unworthiness, anxiety, sleep issues, powerlessness, self-criticism, frustration, and more. Until you deal with your fear in an honest way, it’ll only remain a dark shadow and you’ll have no ability to address at the core, these issues

  • With a Fear Practice though, you can address them. But it’s different than what you’re imagining. It’s not about getting rid of that fear, as that’s not possible.

  • Instead, it’s about exploring “what’s my relationship with the negative part of life –the part I typically avoid or ignore?” And “How can I get in flow with this natural emotion, so I can be in flow with my life?”

  • To start, ask yourself this question; ‘What’s going on between me and any emotional discomfort found in my body, that (maybe for years) has been trying to get my attention?’

  • Then, address any resistance to that discomfort, which indicates a stuck place. Kindle a curiosity and consideration for it, instead.

  • This affords you a more honest, inclusive, caring relationship with fear, and thus the same with yourself.

  • Do this for a few minutes a day for one month, and your emotional issues will be quickly replaced with emotional flow. This translates to self-love, better relationships, better sleep, more productivity, more confidence, clarity to make great decisions, greater authenticity and more. You’ll also become more willing to take risks, which leads to even more learning and growth.

  • Your castle will now be built upon in a place of honesty and connection to yourself at your core. And you’ll be able to emotionally handle anything that life throws your way

Today’s the day you get grounded, and stop leaving any future potential behind.  These 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts will bring you up to speed on the latest insights on fear/anxiety, and what to do about your shadow that’s refreshing, profound and life altering.


Build a more intimate relationship with yourself and the nature of life itself.  Set in motion living a more honest and powerful future. Make sure your castle is grounded and strong, ready to weather any storm. Get started, today.

How To Accomplish This

To help you make this crucial transition, I created this manual; Step-by-Step, Do’s & Don’ts of Anxiety.

It includes; the 5 things NOT to do about fear/anxiety, and why. And the 5 things TO do about fear/anxiety, and how.

First, it’ll break down in clear terms, any bad habit that you’re in, that could lead to fear/anxiety issues. Then, it’ll teach you a new, few-minutes-a-day Fear Practice, that’ll result in extraordinary emotional changes in your life.

The info in this manual is based on her 33+ years of real-world experience exploring exactly what works, and what doesn’t. It challenges existing norms regarding how to deal with fear/anxiety, addressing cultural habits that aren’t working. Then, it offers exact steps on what to do instead, if you want to experience emotional flow.

And, it works. In the words of but one client:

“This ain’t no band-aid, this is the real deal.” -Melanie Tanks.


So, take advantage now. You’ll be so glad you did. Offered today only for a deep discount (a reward for taking the quiz!), take advantage of this price reduction now.

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