Finally Free From Fear of Failure Webinar

Likely you're reading this because you struggle with fear of failure. I'm sorry to hear that. Likely it holds you back from pursuing your dreams.

My guess is, you’ve also spent a lot of time and energy trying to overcome, control or rationalize that kind of fear, away.

Maybe you’ve found some things that work great, or things that only work a little, and others that don’t work at all. Sound familiar?

Yet, fear of failure remains an ongoing problem -one that you worry will always prevent you from doing magnificent things with your life, or being your authentic self 100%.

I’d like to offer you then, this short webinar, which can be a huge step toward turning this around.  This webinar is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. It will outline exactly WHY fear of failure has become a problem for you and not for others (note: it’s surprisingly different than you think!). Plus it will offer you a solution to turn it around, that you’ve never considered before. And when I say solution, I mean a permanent solution.

Please watch the webinar, at very least you won’t regret it. And it just might be the single most important action step you take, setting you up to be finally free from a lifetime of sitting on your dreams because of fear. This webinar seeks to help you get back 100% on course to being who you are really meant to be, and sets you up to ultimately pursue your dreams with confidence.

Love – Kristen

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

  • 24 videos, each leading you to greater awareness

  • Audio versions of all videos

  • 16 engaging, interactive worksheets (in PDF and video versions)

  • Interview style experiences - Kristen asks you questions directly

  • Weekly reminder emails

  • $799 value Course, for this Exclusive pricing of $299, for a limited time

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Kristen has helped over ten thousand clients finally, ease-fully and permanently turn their Fear of Failure around...

Now it’s your turn


She helps you unravel what the actual problem is, currently different than what you think and living under your radar. Then offers you a clear, revolutionary solution to your Fear of Failure that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This course is very fascinating, very thorough, and something to practice on your own time, in the privacy of your own home, in your own way.

Each video takes you on an entertaining, step by step, personalized journey that immediately helps you feel better about your self, your life and the world at large. It turns your Fear of Failure from that of a hold back into a motivating force in your life, leading you to act on your ideas with ease. All this, or you get your money back. We do not want to keep your money if this doesn’t help you.

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