Kristen Ulmer was a professional skier for years when she said “things just started to go south for me.” She took time away to study with a Zen master, and this is when she learned that it was her “repression of fear was actually causing me more and more injuries.” In Ulmer’s book, “The Art of Fear,” she discusses how to “have an inclusive relationship with fear.”

When you’re constantly fighting your fears, they actually start preventing you from achieving not just what you want but also what you need.

"It doesn't have to be fun to be fun."

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"Former daredevil free-skier Kristen Ulmer has just written an entire book about it: "The Art Of Fear." We caught up with her to discuss what the book is all about, and how we can use it in everyday life." -Jim Clash

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An extreme sports star’s ski camp aims to make you a better skier—by making you a better person.

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Known for big cliff jumps and you-fall-you die descents, she became sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, and Nikon. Her mastery of other danger sports including paragliding, ice and rock climbing, kiteboarding, adventure mountain biking, and flying trapeze also gained her the outdoor industry vote as most extreme “fearless” woman athlete in North America, beating all danger-sports stars, not just skiers.

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