“These sessions are like 2 hours of fresh air in a smog filled world.”  -Steve Brook

Just You and Kristen, one on one, troubleshooting

Explore your personal questions and life, privately, with Kristen as your guide. Because this work is so powerful and fast acting, six hours of sessions, total, is usually all it takes to troubleshoot your problem, no matter what it is or how ingrained it is. These 6 hours can be done either over the phone in four separate 90-minute sessions over one or several weeks, or with one full-day, live adventure. The live day can either be held in Salt Lake City where Kristen lives, or she can come to you. Prices are below. Email [email protected] for more information and to schedule your private troubleshooting time.

Just You and Kristen, one on one, ongoing

Kristen may be a fear specialist, but she has a rich, 15 year history of facilitating many adventures such as accessing flow, transcendent states, intuition, peak performance in business, mindset sports brilliance, moving through transitional times faster, and much much more. Her favorite thing to do actually, is on-going, one on one work, because as she puts it “together we can go more deeply down the rabbit hole, every time we talk.” If you desire such an adventure, please contact [email protected] or call 385-355-4176 to discuss your needs on an individual basis.

Troubleshooting prices:

Over the phone or in person in Salt Lake City, Utah: 6 hours $3600
Kristen comes to you: $4500 plus expenses. Additional 6 hour days can be added for $2000 each.
Note to skiers or other athletes: these 6 hours can be held skiing, hiking, biking, golfing, etc. instead of indoors. 

Ongoing prices:

Please contact [email protected] or call 385-355-4176 to discuss.

Money Back Guarantee

For private work, you and Kristen will conclude at the end of the second hour if this experience is going to help you or not (note: it 100% depends on your willingness to play the game of Shift). Refund will then be based on time leftover, prorated.