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100 Questions To Being In Flow With Your Emotions

When negative emotions take over, nothing else matters. Your mind loops relentlessly. You feel crummy. It’s so hard just to get through the day. Or, perhaps you go numb and start to feel dead inside. Either way, one thing’s clear, you need to get out of this emotional prison as soon as possible so you can start living again. But how do you do that? What action should you take? Learn More

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Email Support

The Art of Fear Accountability Email Support

Receive one email a week for a month

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Live Event

Ask Kristen Support Phone Calls

Start Your New Fear Practice If you have anxiety or other emotional issues, it’s the worse feeling in the world. Maybe you wonder; not everyone struggles like this. Does this mean there’s something wrong with me? If so, what is it? Learn More

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Online Course

Chronic Anxiety

Do you have an anxiety issue that consumes too much of your life? Do you worry you have to feel this way and manage this problem forever? If yes, it can be so frustrating. You know something’s wrong, but you don’t know what it is. You’ve tried many methods to feel better. Some work a bit, others don’t at all. But nothing addresses or resolves the underlying cause of the anxiety. Learn More

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Online Product

100 Questions To Being In Flow With Your Emotions

When negative emotions take over, nothing else matters. Your mind loops relentlessly. You feel crummy. It’s so hard just to get through the day. Or, perhaps you go numb and start to feel dead inside. Either way, one thing’s clear, you need to get out of this emotional prison as soon as possible so you can start living again. But how do you do that? What action should you take? Learn More

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Ski Event Not Alumni

Test Ski Camp

Rated by 95% of Attendees To Be One of The Best Ski Experiences of Their Lives Join Kristen Jan 26-28, 2023, at Alta Utah, for a fun and powerful weekend to learn, first of all, how to deal with fear and anxiety such that it no longer holds you back. Next, experience her 4-step process to access flow states, transforming your ski experience into what you always hoped it could be. Learn More

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The Art of Fear 6-session Interactive Webinar Series Jan 2019

Jan 8, Jan 15, Jan 22, Jan 29, 2019 90 Min each, 6:00 MST (5:00 PST, 8:00 EST)

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Flip The Script on Fear and Anxiety


Likely you’ve been trying everything under the sun to quell your fear or anxiety. Therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, positive affirmations and on and on. Maybe you’ve found a few things that work to get you through a moment or day, or sleep only ok at night –if you’re lucky. But it’s barely working and / or the effects don’t last. Fear or anxiety remains an ongoing issue, hurting your enjoyment of life.

Learn More

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Flip the Script on Anxiety

The Solution You Haven’t Tried

7 Day Facebook Challenge

Have you been struggling with anxiety or fear lately? You’re certainly not alone. Anxiety disorders affect nearly 1 in 5 Americans and 1 in 4 Europeans every single year.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely tried everything that the experts recommend, yet have started to realize that most suggestions do not result in a long-term solution. The anxiety always comes back, sometimes even stronger than before.

You may feel hopeless and worry that this is just who you are, and that you have to deal with this forever. You may even wonder what’s wrong with you or why you always seem to feel this way no matter what you try.

Here’s the truth…

Most suggestions do not work for one simple reason.

They are temporary band aids that are masking an underlying issue.

An issue that you likely developed in childhood.

A bad habit…That’s it.

"When an industry-wide approach hasn't worked for far too long, it's time to completely re-boot what to do. That's happening here, regarding anxiety."

- Kristen Ulmer

Addressing your Bad Habit

You have a developed a desire for comfort. Given this, whenever you feel discomfort, you’re naturally inclined to find ways to get rid of or run away from it. Which makes that discomfort (in this case the anxiety) chase after you.

Sticking with what you know, you’re likely also searching for new and better ways to get away from it. This action keeps you trapped, unknowingly repeating the same bad habit that causes your ongoing anxiety in the first place.

Which is why, while goal-oriented meditation, breathing exercises, positivity practices, getting out into nature, exercise, yoga, etc. are all great things for your mind and body, they are not meant to be treatments for anxiety. By using them to feel more calm, they trap you into repeating your bad habit and thus keep triggering your anxiety.

The good news is, we know that a bad habit can be unlearned. At the end of this 7-day challenge, you will be clear about why your current practices only work short term, yet cause worse anxiety. You will also learn a great new habit: how to turn toward your discomfort whenever it shows up, so that it doesn’t chase you anymore but instead, calms right down.

The bonus? In the end, once you’re free from your old bad habit, the practices that you love most will take on a gorgeous new meaning.

Who is this Challenge for?

This Challenge is for you, if any of the following is of interest or concern:

  • You struggle with irrational fear or ongoing anxiety

  • You're curious about the root cause of your fear or anxiety

  • You assume anxiety is going to be a part of your life, forever

  • You're tired of anxiety 'solutions' that don't work longer than a moment or a day

  • You're tired of checking out from life, due to anxiety

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Why you struggle with anxiety, when others don’t

  • Why your current treatments only make your anxiety worse

  • How to recognize your bad habit, that may be invisible to you

  • How only 2 minutes a day can end your anxiety for good

  • How to spot a generational bad habit and prevent your children from continuing the trend

Why this Challenge Will Work

  • It will reveal the root cause of your anxiety

  • It will teach you how to connect with your emotions

  • It will provide a new lens to view fear and anxiety

  • It will ignite new, out-of-the-box ways of thinking about anxiety

  • It will increase your self-awareness and confidence

Are you ready to flip the script on anxiety?

For less than the cost of a sandwich, you can finally discover a proven and permanent solution to your biggest anxiety challenges.

  • “I noticed that I felt lighter. In the days that followed, I noticed that my light feeling became clarity of mind. As the days went, the clarity didn’t go away (as I feared it would) and I began to notice that my emotions were more translucent and rose and fell, rather than overcoming me or creating a suffocating fog. I kept thinking it would wear off, but it hasn’t. If I can make that kind of change in one afternoon, what else can I do?"
  • "For me, each new day brings new and deeper insights. I know that this is just the beginning, so it'll be interesting to see where the ride takes me"
  • "The first night my anxiety dreams calmed down (something I have struggled with for years, I even had sleep apnea testing because they are so bad and I wake up 40 times a night)."
  • "I had never heard such a powerful and deeply true message about anxiety and it completely changed my life."
  • "This is the first time that I feel genuinely excited and eager about what the future has in store for me. And I have you to thank for that.”
  • "I spoke to Eileen, and she told me that (this) did more for her than 15 YEARS of therapy."
  • “Awesome, honest, refreshing. Life-changing. I feel that something switched for me and I was shown a new way to see the world and myself.”
  • "I felt like this formerly insurmountable weight had been lifted off of my chest. I’ve never felt more at peace.”
  • "This past weekend at work, one of our volunteers in his late 60s/early 70s and is an MD picked it up and started reading. A few hours later he looked up and said "I'm buying 2 of these" lol. If everyone did the work you have outlined we would all have a much better mental state."
  • "I can't believe the transformation I've undergone from the analytical tight ass that I was to this free-flowing self."
  • "You are doing some groundbreaking work. I have done lots and lots counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, drugs (started and stopped), psychiatric care, and two 10 day Vipassana meditation courses. You take this a step further because you actually address emotion. I have recommended your (work) to everyone I know."
  • "I am more satisfied with you understanding the impact your work had on me- and what it can mean for others.”

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Understanding the Concepts

Understanding the Concepts
30 min talk: Initial Q&A


  1. Watch Video
  2. Your beliefs list
  3. Your prior actions list
Day 2: Get to know Your Unique Relationship with Fear

Know Your Unique Relationship with Fear
30 minute talk: Q&A


  1. Review flight list
  2. Create your avoidance list
  3. Watch 3 short videos
  4. Update list based on these videos
Day 3: Understanding the Consequences of your Unique Relationship

Understanding the Consequences of your Unique Relationship
30 minute talk, Q&A


  1. Review impact list
  2. Writing assignment: negative impact of avoiding fear
Day 4: Are You Willing to Change?

Are You Willing to Change?
30 minute talk: Q&A


  1. Review payoff list
  2. Compare and contrast impact vs payoff
Day 5: 4 Step Art of Fear Practice

4 Step Art of Fear Practice
30 minute talk: Q&A


  1. Watch video
  2. Review art of fear practice page
  3. Review change your language guide and start practicing this daily
Day 6: Targeting Specific Issues

Targeting Specific Issues
30 min talk: Q&A


  1. Targeting your individual situation
  2. Watch relevant video(s)
Day 7: The Big Picture – What Next?

The Big Picture – What Next?
30 min talk: Q&A


  1. Watch video
  2. Bonus steps
  3. Life moving forward

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About Kristen Ulmer

Kristen Ulmer is a thought leader, high performance facilitator, and fear/anxiety expert who draws from her tenure as the Hall of Fame most ‘fearless’ woman extreme skier in the world for 12 years, from studying an eastern approach to emotions for 15 years, and from facilitating over ten thousand clients on the subjects of fear, anxiety and achieving flow states.

Her remarkable work has been featured in such media as NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors, The Robb Report, The Megyn Kelly Show, over a 150 podcasts and many more. Kristen is author of: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead, which radically challenges existing norms about what to do about this misunderstood emotion.

Clients include Google, Citigroup, Olympic Athletes and the US Air Force.