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Take This Work to the Next Level

You worked with Kristen, it was a powerful experience, yet you’re slipping back into old patterns and don’t want that to happen.

You remember feeling free and clear. You were given tips on how to maintain that, but now it seems you need support, accountability and new questions answered so that you can maintain that feeling and clarity. You worry without such support, your experience will have come and gone and not taken full root.

If this is you, welcome to the support calls. They’ll help you integrate all you’ve learned so far, plus take your practice to the next level, far beyond what you’ve already learned. This work actually, has no ceiling. Not just about fear / anxiety anymore, but also about flow, deeper access to who you authentically are, and new insights on exactly how to accomplish what wants to happen next in your life.

This targeted series of four, live, interactive phone calls is perfect for you, if you want to accomplish any of the following:

  • Address and end any lingering emotional repression bad habits
  • Achieve greater and greater flow with your emotions
  • Gain new understandings about why you are the way you are, or act the way you act
  • Feel less anxiety
  • Be more successful in your career
  • Learn how to make fast, certain decisions
  • Have better relationships
  • Become a better and better athlete
  • Sleep consistently better
  • Get out of our head more often
  • Be a more positive person
  • Be more confident, without having to pretend
  • Not fall back into old patterns that don’t work
  • Age gracefully
  • Be your authentic self

"Doing personal work while in crisis, is key to getting out of any chasm that you're in. Doing personal work while not in crisis, is key to help you climb your highest mountain. Either will change and evolve not only yourself in a magnificent way, but the world."

- Kristen Ulmer

Why These Work

    Checking in once a week, can make all the difference between success or failure

    As you know, Kristen’s training is in Zen. What you may not know is, to learn all that she learned and integrate it into her life, she had a teacher and studied with him regularly. This is how the practice became integrated in her own life and she able to offer it to others.

    It’s like that with anything. You must practice anything to get better at it, and to have it become an integrated part of your life.

    Zen Practice, being in flow with your emotions, being in flow with your life, is the same.

    As for the calls, this is a fantastic practice option. Here’s what you’ll explore; maybe you’ve heard Kristen say this, but whatever you wont look at is the key to freedom. If you ever feel out of flow, there are parts of you jumping up and down that are trying to get your attention. Which is why, in the calls, we’ll first look at these voices. Such effort will set you free, every time.

    You’ve had this experience before. You know it can be difficult, but it’s remarkably easier than not looking at it, including having to deal with enormous troubles that come from ignoring, fighting or running away from a voice, which can drag you down for years.

    Looking at it is the only practice that’ll set you free. Which is why, in these calls, we’ll often address shadow around career, relationships, emotions, sleep and so much more.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Kristen will also offer you fresh insights on how to achieve flow states, embrace change, make great choices, and in general become whomever you want to be next, in your life. Which is also important work.

    Know these calls are not limited in their content, form, or inquiry – no subject is off limits. You’ll bring up any question you have or stuck places, and Kristen will help you, in an easeful way, look at things you wont normally look at. She’ll help you feel things you wouldn’t normally want or know how to feel. She’ll also help you come alive with all that life offers, so you can experience your career, sports, relationships and more, in the way that you’d like.

    So, sign up now, because this is it –your only life. Call by call, get in flow with it all. Let the wisdom of all 10,000 voices become more and more available to you. So you don’t waste of minute of the precious experience of you, being the absolute best you.

Here's what you'll experience

Once a week, for an entire month, you’ll engage in a live, small group phone call with Kristen. During which you can:

  • Either be a quiet observer or an active participant
  • Submit questions or requests in advance
  • Be facilitated by her one-on-one
  • Witness others also being facilitated one-on-one by Kristen
  • Ask Kristen clarifying questions , or bring up whatever you desire during the call
  • Do so anonymously, all while in the privacy of your own home

The phone calls will be capped at a small number so you’re sure to have a personal experience. You’ll also be provided with worksheets and other handouts to help you go all the way with this incredible opportunity. You must sign up for the whole series of four events. If you miss any of them live, note they will be recorded and easily replayed.

Call Requirements

Your Next Level Adventure Begins Now

    These support phone calls are for Alumni clients only. You must have experience working with Kristen before, either live or with an at-home course. You also must have experienced using her voice-dialog process called SHIFT, and have a basic or even deep understanding of the 10,000 voices.

    The next support call schedule is as follows:
    Tuesdays, throughout the month of September, 2019:
    Sept. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
    Calls occur at 6pm MST (8pm EST, 5 pm Pacific).
    Any missed calls will be recorded and can be listened to (or re-experienced) at your own convenience.

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Thousand of clients work in an ongoing way, with Kristen. She helps them gain greater and greater mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and well being.

Now it’s your turn

Here’s how it works:

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STEP 2 : You’ll receive a welcome email with details, including a request to submit questions or subjects of curiosity in advance, should you desire

STEP 3 : A few days before the first call, you’ll receive call-in details

STEP 4 : Together we’ll go on an amazing adventure together. The calls will be recorded allowing you to review at any time

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    While these are designed to be non-threatening, spontaneous and fun calls, we do understand. Know however, you can be anonymous, or a wallflower, and still get a ton out of them. Other’s questions and explorations are always so fascinating, and relevant to your own life. Plus you can submit questions and get a personal response from Kristen about them without having to engage during the call. That being said, if you know yourself and think that private sessions might be a better option, consider them instead. They’re more expensive, but if it’ll make a difference, you’re worth it.

    Yes! You’ve worked with Kristen before, so you know how powerful sessions with her can be. Plus, check out her testimonials. She has worked with many clients for over 15 years now, and their lives just keep getting better and better.

    It depends. These calls are for folks who have worked with Kristen before. If your guest hasn’t worked with her, they’ll have missed basic essentials and will subsequently be lost in these more advanced sessions. To get the basics down then, recommend they sign up for the ‘Ask Kristen Support Calls’ first. After completion, they’ll be eligible to attend these, next. If your guest has worked with Kristen before, please have them to sign up separately, and receive their own call-in details. This way you can both have a full, personal experience rather than overlapping each others.

    You can cancel for a full refund until one month prior to the month’s start date. After that, you can gift the calls to another person and they can attend in your place.

    Yes. Your submitted questions will be addressed even if you’re not on the live calls. And, if you miss any or even all of them, note they’ll be recorded and easily replayed, or re-experienced. Given this, attend the ones you can live, then easily experience others at a more convenient time.