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Take This Work to the Next Level

You worked with Kristen, it was a powerful experience, yet you’re slipping back into old patterns and don’t want that to happen.

You remember feeling free and clear. You were given tips on how to maintain that, but now it seems you need support, accountability and new questions answered so that you can maintain that feeling and clarity. You worry without such support, your experience will have come and gone and not taken full root.

If this is you, welcome to the support calls. They help you integrate all you’ve learned so far, plus take your practice to the next level, far beyond what you’ve already learned. This work actually, has no ceiling. Not just about fear / anxiety anymore, but also about flow, deeper access to who you authentically are, and new insights on exactly how to accomplish what wants to happen next in your life.

This targeted series of four, live, interactive phone calls is perfect for you, if you want to accomplish any of the following:

  • Address and truly end any lingering emotional repression bad habits
  • Achieve greater and greater flow with your emotions
  • Gain new understandings about why you are the way you are, or act the way you act
  • Feel less anxiety
  • Be more successful in your career
  • Learn how to make fast, certain decisions
  • Have better relationships
  • Become a better and better athlete
  • Sleep consistently better
  • Get out of our head more often
  • Be a more positive person
  • Be more confident, without having to pretend
  • Not fall back into old patterns that don’t work
  • Age gracefully
  • Live authentically

"Doing personal work while in crisis, is key to getting out of any chasm that you're in. Doing personal work while not in crisis, is key to helping you climb your highest mountain. Either changes and evolves you in a magnificent way."

- Kristen Ulmer

Why These Work

Here's what you'll experience

Once a week, for an entire month, you engage in a live, small group phone call with Kristen. During which you can:

  • Either be a quiet observer or an active participant
  • Submit questions or requests in advance
  • Be facilitated by her one-on-one
  • Witness others also being facilitated one-on-one by Kristen
  • Ask Kristen clarifying questions , or bring up whatever you desire during the call
  • Do so anonymously, all while in the privacy of your own home

The phone calls are capped at a small number so you’re sure to have a personal experience. You also are provided with worksheets and other handouts to help you go all the way with this incredible opportunity. You must sign up for the whole series of four events. If you miss any of them live, note they are recorded and easily replayed.

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