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Ski To Live Frequently Asked Questions

For any event that involves interacting with Kristen live, the cancellation policy is full refund two months prior to the start of your event.

After than there is no refund, but you can transfer your seat to another person. Note, if someone does attend in your place, the money back guarantee no longer applies. (The reason why is listed under: I want to sign up a friend or family member.)

Every year zillions of ski lessons occur around the world. You also can’t swing a pole without hitting a “learn to ski better” camp run by a former pro. Most of these gatherings are focused entirely on technical or physical skills. Ditto in other sports.

Ski To Live is not in the same category as these programs. Couldn’t be more different in fact. Apples and Planets.

Ski To Live is not about where to plant your pole, how to finish your turn, etc. This type of instruction has its place for sure- and the guides will provide technical tips to you if you want them, but past a certain point too much form / technique training keeps you stuck and can hold you back from your potential.

Most athletes admit sports are 90% mental (and the other 10% is mental too). Given that, at Ski to Live, Kristen’s draws from her experience as a professional skier (who never had a coach) and what it really takes to become good at the sport, and translates that into an experience you can personally draw from. There are no lectures, your lessons will be embodied experiences as you quickly move into accessing the mental game, and then take a huge step beyond to access, embody and express other forms of consciousness you may not even know exist. It’s a truly transformative experience that also spills over in fascinating ways to your life.

Everyone who attends STL, attends for different reasons. About a third of you come specifically to improve your skiing/snowboarding through mindset training. A third come because you want to enhance your personal enjoyment of the sports and your life through greater awareness, or to deepen the escape and freedom found in snow sports. A final third come just because you’re curious.  So yes, if your wish is to improve your skiing, that will certainly happen. You will also leave unstuck from any current unconscious patterns that don’t serve you anymore. Fear or other “unwanted” emotions will be replaced with freedom. You will have the opening you seek, and will leave feeling like the athlete you were meant to be. Testimonials support that these changes are extremely strong, and lasting.

USA Today called Ski to Live the only camp of it’s kind in the world, in any sport. Attend and you’ll know the answer to this question (wink).

You will ride the lifts together with the whole camp and share in the mindset facilitation as a group. Then when you actually ski you’ll be with your like-ability group. On average this group will be 3-5 strong, with no more than 7 per guide- as you ski terrain which stimulates and suites your ability.

There are usually three levels of skier in attendance. If you have some confidence on groomed runs only you’ll have a place. There is also a middle ability group that skis the whole mountain but likes to take things slower. Read below for info on the fastest group.

These camps are open to professional level skiers and several big name pros have attended. These camps  initially, were actually, built for elite athletes such as yourself. The level of the highest group is always all mountain, fast and strong.

Also consider coming to Alaska- which is for experts only.

Alas, Alta doesn’t allow snowboarding, and this is the only location we’re offering camps this year. The option you have as a boarder is to hire Kristen privately, which is also a fantastic experience.

Amazing, awake, alive people such as yourself (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) who are in themselves inspirational. We tend to attract those folks committed to being the best they can be, and who want to live the highest quality life possible.

No, Ski To Live is not therapy. You will not have to share anything about your life.

Ski to Live offers no philosophy- it’s a journey into your unconscious mind to become more clear about who and what you are, and where you are stuck. If you are religious, your tradition will feel honored, whatever it may be.

This is not a new age program. Kristen takes huge steps to avoid that kind of presentation. Ski To Live is based on ancient wisdom traditions and the evolution of that wisdom. We don’t sing Kumbaya, we much prefer dirty jokes.

You have two options: you can ski whole days- first lift to last- should you desire, with coaching from both Kristen and the guides. Or you can start your day at 10:30 instead and finish by 3:00 to save your legs, and not miss much. See the itinerary below.

The historic Goldminers Daughter lodge at Alta, Utah is also a partner to Ski to Live. But you are welcome to commute from elsewhere to enjoy the camp.

For the two days camps please stay at any lodging choice you desire, including at Alta, Snowbird or in Salt Lake City.

Lift tickets are not included in either camp price. You would need a two day pass at your 2-day camp, or a two day pass at your 3-day camp.

For the 2 day camp we ski from 10-4 each day, Saturday and Sunday. There are no evening sessions.

For the 3 days camp we start around 4:30 pm the first evening (Friday) of your camp and end after dinner on the last day (Sunday) .Make sure you arrive at the airport giving yourself enough time to make that first important night. Here’s a typical camp itinerary but the finalized times/details are subject to change and will be sent to you 1-2 weeks prior to your camp:

Friday: 4:30-7:30pm meet for the first time to set the tone for the event- very important first gathering. Snacks provided. Dinner Afterwards. Please don’t be late!

Saturday and Sunday:
7:30-9:00 breakfast.
9:15am-10:30 ski in like groups with guides
10:30-3:00 ski as a whole group with Kristen where she will utilize Shift- the game of 10,000 wisdoms- a powerful facilitation dialog. We will all ride the lifts together but you ski with your guide on terrain suitable for your ability. Break for lunch at some point (not covered). You will then have an hour afterwards to ski more with Kristen, or decompress in any way you desire.
4:30pm-6:00 evening sessions with snacks provided: more Shift exploration, Q and A.
6:30- 8:30 dinner

Please contact Kristen directly for information on these camps or for info on either of the Alaskan experiences. Note Cordova, Alaska is not a mindset ski camp, it is Kristen’s vacation, and you’re welcome to join her. Expert skiers and boarders only please. In Valdez, Alaska however, you can request a mindset sports adventure of your choice, for you or your group.

Any additional questions about Alaska? Write Kristen for details.

Prior to 2010 STL had always been a 4 night, 3 day camp with a cap at 30 people. Then, 2010-2014 camps were mostly 3 night two day camps with a cap at 25 persons.

Where we’ve landed for 2018, is we offer a cap of 21 people per camp for a more personalized experience. There are 2-day and 3-day camps available. The 2-day camps run Saturday and Sunday from 10-4. The 3 day camps run three nights and two ski days.

If you’re slightly injured- you may want to modify your inclusion in the sport –ski with a slower group for example– or ski a shorter day. If your injury is more serious, you can sit out the skiing and attended the evening sessions only, which are really cool too.

We make these camps available to everyone who would like to attend, no matter what. Several alumni make sure this option stays open by contributing to a scholarship fund. Write if you would like a partial scholarship and we can likely accommodate. Please note a scholarship covers the camp, not amenities, so you will be on your own for food, lodging and lift tickets.

Yes, absolutely. This is encouraged. Email Kristen for details. Note there are only evening sessions in the 4 day camps.

No. Unless it’s a requested private-hire, Kristen offers unisex camps only.

These camps are attended my mostly adults. Kids age 14 and up, however, are welcome to attend. Kristen has been known to allow mature younger kids in as well, with adult supervision.

It’s a common question, as Kristen does have a hard-core, cliff-jumping, Red-Bull-sponsored, X Games-genre background. She epitomized the wild side of snow sports for over 15 years, so deciding to run an awareness based event seems a severing of the past; a 180 degree turnaround.

In 2002, Kristen was disgusted with being a professional skier, and even began to loathe the sport in general. After devoting her entire adult life to skiing and other sports, and ‘Living to Ski,’ she wondered what had she learned- except maybe hedonism and ego gratification?

One day she threw an idea for a camp against the wall- combining mindset with the sports of skiing and snowboarding. The idea came because it was the camp she personally wanted to attend. Kristen did want the event to break all norms and boundaries-, which was how her career and personality ran, ”But funny thing is” she laughs, “I don’t remember making the decision to start Ski To Live, it’s almost as if it picked me. Like a virus choosing a host.”

Initially, that first spring in 2003, Ski To Live was a psychological program. It was interesting, but didn’t hit her vision. Then she met a world famous Zen Master Genpo Roshi Christmas of 2003 and turned a huge corner. “That second camp, January of 2004, blew my mind. Hiring this man to run it, I learned more about how skiing had affected my life in the first hour than I did 15 years as a pro.” This was no small thing. “I looked around that first night and saw everyone with eyes closed, beaming, getting ‘it’ in ways I had only dreamed about, and thought wow, this is what skiing and life was supposed to inspire. And we still had three days left!”

After having partnered and trained with this Roshi for over 12 years now, Ski To Live- which is a play on the words Live To Ski- wasn’t a turn-around from her athletic career so much as it was a radical evolution of her own perspective and consciousness. It also sent her on a path to becoming the full time Wisdom facilitator she is today.

“I hadn’t realized Ski To Live would draw some of the most brilliant, sentient people I’ve ever met. We all, one way or another, are devoted to accessing and therefore raising the level of consciousness on the planet. These camps- attending them as well as facilitating them- have changed my life in so many indescribable ways. It seems obvious now, they’re the reason why I became a professional skier in the first place.”