Amplify Your Sports Performance

3-Day Art of Fear Ski Camp, 2021 Season

» Alta, Utah Jan 22-24, 2021

» Alta, Utah Jan 27-29, 2021

» Alta, Utah March 24-26, 2021

Amplify Your Sports Performance

3-Day Art of Fear Ski Camp

» Alta, Utah Jan 22-24, 2021

» Alta, Utah Jan 27-29, 2021

» Alta, Utah March 24-26, 2021

Event Details

Discover How to Transform Fear and Access Flow States

Rated by 95% of Attendees To Be One of The Best Ski Experiences of Their Lives

Join Kristen in 2021 at Alta, Utah for a fun, powerful weekend that stays with you ongoing.

First, learn how to deal with fear / anxiety in sports and life, such that it no longer holds you back.

Next, experience her 4-step process to access flow states, transforming your ski experience into what you always hoped it could be.

Expect to be blown away, and excited about your life in next level ways that you never thought possible. Break free from former stuck places not just in skiing, but also relationships and career. This camp then helps you be the best athlete and person you can be.  Leave armed with life-changing tools to maintain these results in a lasting way.

Covid Safety Plan

With your health in mind, during camp these 4 safety measures will be in place:
1. We are limiting the number of guests to 20 total (including guides).
2. If you are exhibiting symptoms you will be asked to forgo camp. (Temperatures will also be taken upon arrival.)
3. Face coverings are required during both the indoor sessions and while riding the chairlifts.
4. A catered, complimentary lunch replaces visiting the restaurants.

This proven to work 3-day camp is for you, if you feel any of the following:

  • that your skiing is compromised by too much fear

  • excessive fear or anxiety in other areas of your life besides skiing

  • emotionally held back by a past injury or accident

  • like you’ve stopped progressing at skiing or something else, or have even digressed

  • fearless in one area of your life, but not in another

Or, conversely if you feel:

  • just fine, but know you can do better

  • like there’s something else to life and skiing that you just can’t seem to grasp or hang on to

  • a desire to become more emotionally engaged

  • like you’re ready to access new forms of motivation, beyond what has served you in the past

  • ready to stop merely existing, and come alive once and for all

All this and more alongside like-minded, amazing people – at Alta this coming winter.

Oh, my God. It was incredible. Literally zero actual advice about skiing, and my skiing is probably 40% better, and it was seriously the best weekend of my entire life. "

- Nicole Cliffe

Learn From a World Class Athlete and High Performance Facilitator

What does it take to be the best?
Kristen was named the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world, a status she kept for 12 years. Known for enormous cliff jumps and you-fall-you die descents (none of which you’ll do during camp!), she was just inducted into the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Sept. of 2019. Her mastery of other danger sports including paragliding, ice and rock climbing, kiteboarding, adventure mountain biking and flying trapeze also gained her the outdoor industry vote as most fearless woman athlete in North America, beating all danger-sports stars, not just skiers.

Retired as an athlete since 2003, she then spent 16 years going to the next level — studying Zen intently as a way to dissect what she experienced during her athletic career. This led to facilitating tens of thousands of clients, making her today, a thought leader on high performance mindset and how to access flow states or the zone by choice, rather than by chance.

Her other specialties include accessing whole mind thinking, igniting aliveness, spiritual intelligence, embracing change, what to do about fear / anxiety and more.

Kristen’s Amazon best seller book: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead, is an industry game changer, and her remarkable work has been featured on Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors, The Megyn Kelly Show, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Outside, Forbes, USA Today, Mindvalley, Spartan, NPR, over 150 podcasts and many more.

Working with her live is a remarkable experience, not to be missed.

What You Learn

This is not another ski camp or ski school lesson providing technical tips.

Instead, this is a fresh, highly effective, mindset-only camp, which teaches you:

  • Exactly what to do about performance anxiety (hint, it’s not about getting rid of it)

  • How to handle fear so it doesn’t hold you back

  • How to get out of a negative mental loop (hint, it’s not about replacing it with positivity)

  • Ways to get out of your head (finally!) and into your body

  • What is a flow state, and how to get there whenever you like

  • How to feel confident, without having to pretend

  • How to find and become intimate with your favorite mindsets (which are different for everyone)

  • What it takes to ignite new forms of motivation, versus staying the same every year

  • Steps to ensure this all sticks with you, past the weekend

  • Steps to take what you experience while skiing, and apply it to other areas of your life

  • "I’m still awestruck by the weekend."
  • "I am on this amazing turbo charged growth path – I am blooming faster and faster, at a wonderfully rapidly unfolding pace- there are truly no words to describe this. (Working with you) is one of the three BIGGEST events in my life that have helped me really turn a HUGE corner. I am deeply grateful!! Thank YOU!"
  • "(My Friend) tells me that I seem somehow happier than before. And on Wednesday it was the first time skiing since the last camp, and I was amazed. I was all alone … and skiing more gracefully than ever. I was making turns without doing anything I could detect to make them happen."
  • "Kristen, In a weekend, I learned to synthesize hours of therapy and weeks of reading into something I could use in my life!”
  • "My partner and I went to the camp together and it enhanced our understanding of each other as well as our relationship – our love is flowing stronger than ever!"
  • "It was so powerful for me. What you’re doing at these camps is truly amazing. That you’re able to bring so many people together from all walks of life and unify them in purpose and connect them on a real level is impressive."
  • "I reflected on my life trajectory while on the trail this summer…I need to say that I think where you’ve taken skiing is ground-breaking and inspiring.”
  • "Thanks again for offering me a life altering experience. A day hasn’t gone by since I was in Utah that I don’t think about the camp."

  • “You know it’s a special experience when you have an amazing time with complete strangers. A time that is both uproariously funny, profane, irreverent and also deeply insightful, thought-provoking and life altering in the best sense of the word.”
  • "The guidance you gave me on the chairlift has changed everything for me. I am really happy with where (my life) is going, and you helped me through (an awkward hold back)."
  • "(Ski to Live) was, bar none, head and shoulders above the rest, the most powerful teaching and skiing experience I have had in my 39 years of skiing."
  • "I just wanted to say that my experience at your camp has been life changing."
  • "Oh my! It was and continues to be all you promised, Kristen, and more. And the tribe we formed is by far one of the most powerful groups I have ever encountered."

  • “I cannot stop thinking about our great weekend. I feel like I stepped out of my life, then returned home with a greater depth of understanding of myself. It was as though I was looking from the outside in.”

Camp Synopsis

Finally Free! On The Mountain

Don’t spend another moment feeling limited, when such a camp exists.

This adventure consists of 3 evening sessions and 2 full ski days, but the effects last a life time.

$1349, coaching price plus lunches (lift tickets and other amenities are not included). Small group to ensure personal attention (and increased covid safety). Starts the first evening from 4-7, then runs 9:15 – 5:30 on days two and three. Reduced price scholarships available upon request.

Available for intermediate skiers (meaning: groomers are no problem) up to pro or even Olympic level skiers. Telemarkers also welcome. Note: Alas, Alta does not allow Snowboarders. All genders, 15 years old and up. Younger than 15 considered by request only.

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There are three different ability groups. You pick which one works best for you, each run. They are groomers-only, all-mountain slower, and all-mountain fast.

It’s a comfortable experience throughout. You don’t ski into exhaustion, nor do you ski above your ability. This camp is not about taking risks or stepping out of your physical comfort zone. (That you can do on your own, should you desire, after camp ends.)

Day 1

First day of camp, meet in the evening from 4 – 7 pm inside the Goldminers Daughter Lodge at the base of the mountain. Do not miss this important first gathering as it sets the tone for the entire weekend.

Day 2

Day two the itinerary is as follows:

9:15 (when the lifts open)- 10:15 ski on your own.

10:15 am – 4:00 pm we meet at the Skiers Services Building between Collins and Wildcat lifts, and ski all day with a short break for lunch in between.

4:00 -5:30 pm, we finish back indoors to decompress, allowing you a chance to ask Kristen questions about what you just experienced, and further explore the secrets to optimal mindset and performance.

Day 3

Day 3, today’s schedule is the same as Day 2.

As for what we explore, this final day is completely different. While yesterday was about getting unstuck, now we access our best possible selves and learn how to express who we are as individuals on the mountain and in our lives, in some truly magnificent ways.

4-5:30 pm, as we finish the entire weekend indoors, Kristen helps you integrate what you’ve experienced, answers remaining questions, and provides action steps so that it stays with you in a profound and lasting way.

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

  • Up to 18 hours of live facilitation with Kristen Ulmer

  • Small group to ensure personal attention

  • Mindset only training. No technical tips

  • Learn from others experiences, not just your own

  • Follow-up afterwards, to ensure integration

  • Costs less than two private days of ski school

Buy Now

Kristen has taken thousands of skiers on this remarkable journey...

Now it’s your turn.


Each hour you attend the camp is a step-by-step journey into getting unstuck and accessing your most amazing self. But it’s not the same journey for everyone. We’re all so different and attending for different reasons, due to the nature of Kristen’s facilitation style, you find only and exactly what you’re looking for.

Which also may be different than what you originally presumed!

So, join us this year. Fascinating, enlivening, this camp is exactly what you hope it to be. Plus, spending time with the others guests alone, makes it worth attending. Plan for the whole experience being the highlight of your winter, maybe even your whole life. Plan to see and experience yourself, skiing, the mountains, others and life itself in new and profound ways.

How it works:

STEP 1 : Click the Add to Cart button, then checkout using our secure checkout page

STEP 2 : You then receive a welcome email, including another 2 weeks prior to your camp requesting info on what you hope to get out of the camp, so Kristen can plan accordingly with you in mind

STEP 3 : Make amenity preparations to attend, including booking airfare, lodging, transportation and lift tickets

STEP 4 : See you soon for this amazing adventure together!


Jan 22-24, 2021 3-Day Ski Camp


Jan 27-29, 2021 3-Day Ski Camp


March 24-26, 2021 3-Day Ski Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of people attend this ski camp?

Amazing, awake, alive people such as yourself (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) who are in themselves, inspirational. We tend to attract only folks committed to being the best they can be, and who want to live the highest quality life possible.

How is this ski camp different from taking lessons or attending other ski camps?

USA Today calls Kristen’s ski camps the only of it’s kind anywhere in the world, in any sport.


Every winter day tens of thousands of ski lessons occur around the world. There also exists hundreds of ski camps or adventures, often run by former pros. Almost exclusively, such gatherings are focused either on socializing (and taking a picture with the former pro), and/or technical and physical skills. The same goes for lessons or camps in other sports as well.

The Art of Fear Camp however, is not in the same category. It’s not about where to plant your pole, how to finish your turn, etc. This type of instruction has its place –but past a certain point too much form / technique training keeps you stuck in your head or can hold you back from your potential.

It’s also not about fraternizing with Hall of Fame skier Kristen Ulmer, either. Although that’s a perk (wink).

Instead, this is about the bigger game. Kristen considers her ski career mere training for who she has become now. At the Art of Fear Camp, Kristen’s draws from 33 years of real world experience and her innate facilitation skills to transmit to you what it really takes to become good at a sport such as skiing, and how that applies to anything in life.

So, there is no institution. There are no lectures. Your lessons are only embodied experiences. You start by exploring your own personal mental game, then take a huge step beyond to access, embody and express other forms of consciousness / intelligence you may not know even exist.

It truly is a transformative experience that also spills over in fascinating ways to your life.

This is how Kristen helps a room of folks with different agendas, all at the same time.

The other thing is, this camp is not about hashing over your or anyone’s past life details –which is very time consuming and unnecessary. With that out of the picture, we cover a lot of ground quickly, and only address what’s going on for you, today.

How can this be the only camp of it’s kind in the world?

USA Today calls Kristen’s ski camps the only of it’s kind anywhere in the world, in any sport. Attend and you’ll experience why (wink).

The take-aways are also likely the opposite of anything you’ve tried.

But rest assured, if it doesn’t blow your mind and change your perspective for good, what the heck- come find out anyway. With the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

How big is the group?

The camp caps at 20 people total, including guides.

When on the mountain, we all ride the lifts together and share in the mindset facilitation with Kristen as a group. When you ski down though, you separate into your like-ability group. On average, each group is 4-6 strong, with no more than 7. You have a guide with you to make sure you don’t get lost, and you ski terrain which gently stimulates and/or suites your ability.

Then we meet at the bottom for the next run all together, and the next facilitated mindset experience with Kristen.

Am I a good enough skier to attend?

There are three levels of skier in attendance. If you can ski groomed runs with confidence, you have a place. There’s also a middle ability group that skis the whole mountain but likes to take things a bit slower. Read “Am I too good a skier to attend” for info on the fastest group.

Can I bring my kid?

These camps are attended my mostly adults. Kids age 15 and up, however, are welcome to attend. Kristen has been known to allow mature younger kids in as well, with adult supervision.

I’m slightly injured, what are my options?

If you’re slightly injured but can still ski- you can modify your inclusion to ski groomers-only and/or ski a shorter day.

If you can’t ski, attend the indoor sessions only (approximately 3-4 hours per day) and Kristen can offer you greater attention during these times.

I’m a shy person, will I feel awkward at this camp?

No. This camp is not therapy. You don’t have to share anything about your life. You can also be a wallflower and mostly observe, if that suits you.

I can’t afford this camp, what do you recommend?

We don’t like to turn anyone away who can’t afford to attend. Given this, write us an email: [email protected] to explain what you can afford to pay (note, for the camp only, we cannot provide amenities like lift tickets or lodging) and let’s talk about it?

Am I TOO good a skier to attend?

Nope. These camps are open to world-class level skiers, and several big name pros have attended. These camps initially, were even built for elite athletes such as yourself. The level of the highest group is always all mountain, fast and strong.

Also consider coming to Alaska- which is for experts only. It’s not a camp, but a chance to ski with Kristen just for fun. She does not charge anything for this experience. Only, you pay for your seat in the heli.

How much actual skiing do we do?

We will ski between 4-5 hours per day. In between each run, you’re facilitated for a spell by Kristen, so expect to log about 20,000 vertical feet.

What should I do about Lodging?

The historic Goldminers Daughter lodge at Alta, Utah is an optimal place to stay. Book early though, as they sell out. You’re also welcome to commute from elsewhere at Alta, or from Snowbird (1 mile away) Salt Lake City (7-14 miles away- specifically Cottonwood Heights is closest) or even Park City (40 miles away).

What about lift tickets?

Because so many people have travel oriented seasons passes these days, lift tickets are not included in the camp price.

If you do not have such a pass, plan to buy a 2-day ticket on your own.

What's the cancellation policy?

For any event that involves interacting with Kristen live, the cancellation policy is full refund two months prior to the start of your event.

After than there is no refund, but you can transfer or sell your seat to a friend or family member.

Does Kristen run women’s-only camps?

No. Unless it’s a requested private-hire, Kristen offers unisex camps only.

What if I'm a snowboarder?

Alas, Alta doesn’t allow snowboarding, and this is the only location we’re offering camps this year. You can however, hire Kristen to ski with you privately. Write [email protected] for details.

I’m religious, will this camp honor my tradition?

Yes. While Kristen’s training is in Zen, this camp offers no philosophy. It’s instead, a journey into your undercurrent to get clear about where you’re currently stuck, a chance to get unstuck, and a chance to fully access who you’re meant to be, all the way.

That being said, your tradition though, can be weaved into the process to enhance whatever draws you to that particular religion, in a gorgeous way. Simply make this request after you sign up.

I’m worried this is a new age program.

This is not a new age program. Kristen takes steps to avoid that kind of presentation. Based on ancient wisdom traditions and the evolution and westernization of that wisdom, we don’t sing Kumbaya, we much prefer dirty jokes.